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Are you looking for a bail bondsman in Buckhannon, WV? Since 2018, A-Four-Dable Bonding has provided bail bonding services to Buckhannon, WV, and surrounding areas. Give us a call anytime at (304) 472-6238 to secure your bail bond.
Anytime someone close to you ends up in jail, it is heartbreaking. You want to do everything you can to help them. At A-Four-Dable Bonding, our goal is to help get you or your loved ones out of jail. We are available 24/7 because you can need bonds at any time. Our fast and friendly service will get you or your loved ones back home.

What Does A Bail Bondsman Do?

A bail bondsman helps individuals who have been charged with criminal offenses legally live outside of jail while awaiting trial. If a person cannot afford to pay the initial bond, a bail bondsman can help. A bail bondsman can help those individuals by selling them a surety bond. This bond acts as insurance that the accused will show up in court when ordered to do so.
The bail bondsman may require the accused to secure the bond with collateral. This could include such things as a deed to a house, cars, jewelry, and other valuables. A friend or family member of the accused can secure the bond by providing the bondsman with the collateral.

Bail for The Most Common Crimes in West Virginia

The most common crime in the state of West Virginia is property crimes such as larceny-theft. This particular offense totals 71 percent of the state’s property crime incidents yearly. Usually, the bail for a theft charge in the Mountain State is anywhere between $500 to $1000.
It is also important to understand what costs are associated with bail. West Virginia legislation asks for premiums to be at least 10 percent of the bond amount. While this insinuates that the fee could be higher, a bond rarely costs more than 10 percent throughout the state.

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If you need a bail bondsman in Buckhannon, WV, contact A-Four-Dable Bonding at any time. Stay up-to-date by visiting our Facebook page for the latest news and information. If you need a bail bondsman in Buckhannon, WV, call A-Four-Dable Bonding.


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